Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Black and white quilt

I have been plugging away at the black and white quilt I mentioned in my last post. At last count I had all 256 4.5" blocks made. Whew! Now the trick comes to make sure the different fabrics are pleasingly mixed up throughout the whole quilt. To facilitate that process I am working at sewing the blocks together in groups of four, forming a square. That way I figure it'll be easier to lay them out on a design wall and visualize how they look.

It was noted to me that two is binary so I think I'll name this quilt "Binary." I'm not about to start coding in binary anytime soon though!

I won't be getting any sewing done tonight though. We are watching the oldest grandson so his parents can go to a local basketball game -- the big local rivalry is tonight! Go Dawgs! That's ok...I miss the little guy and the quilt can wait. It doesn't have a date it needs to be completed. It's just for fun.

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