Monday, January 19, 2009

Binary Quilt Progress

I decided that since I had today off I'd get to work on the black and white quilt again. To start off, I sewed each white centered square to a black centered square. From there I'll put them into blocks of four before settling on my final layout. Here's a bunch of those blocks all laid out on the counter so you can get an idea of how this will all look when it gets finished. Of course this is all random and I think some fabrics need to have a little distance between them or be scattered out a bit more, which hopefully they will be in the final product.

Here's a closeup shot of those darned blocks. It's enough to make your eyes cross sometimes! Snowball blocks are simple to make but when you make as many as I did (at only 4.5" each) they take quite a bit of time.

Finally, I shot a picture of one of the red blocks that I'm throwing into the mix just for good measure. There will be three of the red blocks taking the place of white centered blocks. How they will be placed is anyone's guess at this point but I think they'll be a good counterpoint to all the starkness of the black and white. I doubt if much work will get done it this week but at least I made some progress today. Hurray for an extra day off! Next weekend is the monthly midnighter too so I hope to get a lot of work done then.

Have a great week...I hope everyone in America takes the time to watch the inaugaration. I know I will be.


tRiShA said...

VERY cool! You are so talented and creative :)

squirtygirl said...

This picture of your quilt gave you away today...

I was standing in the Control Room eating apple pie and before I knew it, I was looking into the Shift Manager's office. There were some random pictures acting as a screen saver and all of a sudden there was a picture of this quilt. As soon as I saw it, I knew where I'd originally seen it.

So I asked Terry (I call him T. Schreck) what was up with the picture and he said he knew someone who made quilts. So I asked what her name was.... :)

Small world!

Holly said...

Dear lord, you knitted that? That is gorgeous! I wish I had your talent.