Saturday, July 26, 2008

Southwestern Quilt

This California King sized quilt top has been finished for quite a few years...I finally sent it to a long arm quilter for quilting. All I had to do to finish it was sew on the binding. I'm old school and prefer to hand sew the binding on my quilts and so it took quite a bit of time to get that done. Overall I'm pleased with how it turned out. This is a closeup shot of the quilt.
Here's a picture of it on the bed. It is a nice change from the old quilt I had on the bed. It was pretty but sure didn't match the new color scheme of sage green on the walls.
It is always nice to get a quilt done, especially one that has been sitting in a box for many years. It gives you a real sense of satisfaction.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Table runner and placemats -- wedding gift

I have a wedding to go to this weekend for a former student. What to get as a gift? Well, I decided to make a set of placemats and a table runner for her. I often hesitate to make gifts like this for young people since I know not everyone treasures a handmade gift, but I think this bride will appreciate that I took the time to make this special for her and her groom. Below is a closeup of the table runner. I just love that background fabric with it's mix of blues, beige, and brown coupled with delicate circles. It's one of those fabric pieces I picked up on a whim thinking that something would come to me down the line...well, it did. :)
Of course, a post wouldn't be complete without a picture of the new grandson. He's sure a sweet little guy. Grandma is actually babysitting big brother today to give Mommy a chance to get caught up around the house and he's taking a nice snooze himself right now. Why, I even managed to sew together some quilt blocks for another project during the nap, but wouldn't ya know it, I need to cut some more pieces of the block and the fabric is lying on a table in the room where he's sleeping...I don't think I'll take the chance of waking him up early from his nap.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

More Cuteness

Here's the new addition to our family...grandson #2. He's adorable and has the trademark lips of his father, his big brother, his grandpa (you get the idea). I do think he has his mother's nose though. So far things have gone well at home for Mommy and Baby and Big Brother has been hanging with Grandma and Grandpa for a few days.
Here's proud Daddy and Big Brother. Can you tell they are father and son? We're all feeling pretty blessed that the baby arrived safe and sound.