Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Day pictures

My youngest son without his girlfriend...Mom hanging out in the background.

Newly engaged eldest son and his fiance (I just love saying that.)

Middle son with his wonderful wife, who is an awesome daughter-in-law.

Grandson #1 -- Almost 3 years old -- Always fun to have around!

Grandson #2 -- Almost 6 months old -- Isn't he just precious?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Latest Baby quilt

This baby quilt was originally started for my second grandson. However, after visiting with my DIL I found out that she had a very specific, non-baby-like color scheme in mind, so I wrapped up this top and put it aside and made another baby quilt that matched the nursery colors.

Fast forward to this fall...we have new neighbors, friends of our children -- a nice young couple that are expecting their first child in late January. Great...that top I started last year now has a new home! I wrapped it up this week and will try and get it delivered over the fence one afternoon this week. It is always nice to have a few baby quilt tops in reserve so they can be quickly finished when the need arises. Heck, while cleaning out my sewing room a few weeks ago I even found a baby quilt sampler that I finished many years ago but it was never quilted. That'll be an upcoming project so it'll be ready to head to the home of a some new baby down the line.


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Letters to Bessie

I set up a new blog site today. I was the recipient of some letters that are about 100 years old that we thought belonged to my Grandma, but as I read them it was clear they weren't hers (how many Bessie Barnhart's could there be in my small Washington County?). Anyway after Xmas I am going to start transcribing the letters and posting them on the new blog in hopes that I can find the real family of this lady. The few that I have read are beautifully written. This man was truly in love with Bessie Barnhart and was a devout Christian. They cover a time span of 1907 until 1911.

Come visit and check them out. I think they'll be interesting and fun to read for me and for you! If you know anyone in your family history who settled in Loomis, Washington with a bride named Bessie Barnhart who I think was a school techer around 1911-1912, please get in touch. All I have on the prospective groom's name is C.E. Rowe. Come check it out!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Mid December report

It's been a busy couple of weeks...first I had to recuperate from Thanksgiving, I've been trying to get my Christmas shopping done, and then work has been pretty demanding. As you might expect elementary age students take a lot of extra corralling this time of year.

Today was one of those days kids live for...the first snow of the year! It started mid morning and didn't stop all day long. In fact the prediction is for the snow to keep coming down all night long. It is a good thing it is the weekend so the kids can get outside and play in it and get over that initial excitement before Monday (ha ha ha).

I've been working on machine quilting a Christmas wall hanging and should finish it up this weekend. I put up another small tree and need a skirt for it. Luckily I have a small table topper that will make a perfect skirt. I just need to cut out a small circle in the middle, slice it all the way to edge and then rebind those newly raw edges. I enjoy working on seasonal projects especially since Christmas fabrics have always been my favorites.

Have a wonderful Christmas.