Sunday, September 14, 2008

Blue Ribbon quilts

Here are a few pictures of two quilts I entered in the fair and one quilt top that just needs some applique on it to finish it up. This one is called "Ode to a Tree" and is quite entailed. It turned out very nicely and I earned a Blue Ribbon on it at the fair. To be honest, I thought it deserved a Champion or Reserve Champion...every point is precise and I felt my color selections really added to the quilt. Oh well...ya never know what the judges are looking for. Below are a few closeups of the quilt. I sent it to a long-arm quilter but feel it still needs a little more quilting with a stitch-in-the-ditch around the tree and in the narrow burgandy border. It was entered in the fair to only be judged on the piecing not the quilting since it had been professionally quilted.

The quilt below was just a quick 'couch quilt' that went together quick and easily, but it was fun to make. The colors go back to my favorities of anything turquoise. I didn't do anything fancy with the machine quilting, just going with the tried and true stitch-in-the-ditch. It also earned a Blue Ribbon.

This is the top of a quilt that I am just finishing up. It's made of the Timeless Treasures batiks and the pattern is from one of the quilt magazines. I originally was going to use yellow (Don't ya just love how blues/yellows/whites look together?) as the narrow border and for the circle (or maybe squares) that still need to be appliqued in the center of each block, but since I decided this would look nice on my couch in the family room I switched over to the red. I'm pleased with the overall look and think I'll quilt it in swirls. The pattern called for appliqued squares but I'm leaning toward circles.

I also entered my black/white convergence quilt and the blue/beige one that I posted pictures of earlier this year. They both earned blue ribbons too. :) The walls sure looked barren without them while they were shown at the fair.

Oh my, we have a beautiful full moon rising tonight...just love those harvest moons after a beautiful warm fall day....

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Michelle said...

I think I like the second one best. You really seem to like blue!