Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Quilt top and a dolly quilt

Here's the quilt top I finished up this week. Using the Kansas Troubles line of muted colors is a real change for me. I prefer brighter colors, but at least it had a bit of blue and the brick red in it for a bit of cheeriness. To me, the muted colors are dull and dreary, so without the addition of the brighter colors I wouldn't have even considered this pattern/kit. It's called Navaho Rose and if I make it again I'll probably make my stars all the same color instead of a mix of eight different patterns. I always like a quilt with sashing and corner blocks. I'm such a traditional quilter and they just have such appeal to me.
This closeup gives you an idea of how each of the blocks turns out. This kind of a quilt is also a step out of my usual routine because I'm not much for scrappy style quilts. The fewer colors in a quilt to me, the better.
This is a picture of a dolly quilt I made from the left over scraps from the quilt I made and showed above. I love and this is from one of her projects that is called "maverick stars." I love anything to do with stars but this was so sweet to be able to just slap on a scrap of fabric onto a square, sew, press, trim, and add another star point. None of the points are perfect...some are long and skinny, others are short and fat, but it makes for a quick and easy star and I thought it was a nice change from always being so precise and perfect.

The star blocks are only 6" finished and as I was sewing them together with no specific project in mind, it dawned on my our little neighbor girl would probably like to have a little quilt for her dolly. It turned out the perfect size and the grin on her face was precious. Someday maybe I'll have a little granddaughter to make dolly quilts for, but until then I guess little neighbor girls will benefit from my quilting. I actually ended up liking the little scrap dolly quilt better than the twin-sized Navaho Rose design. Go figure!
Unfortunately summer is sneaking away from us and before long it'll be fall. I hope it will be a mild one this year so I can continue to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air.

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