Friday, May 23, 2008

Good News!

Well, it has been a long time since I've posted. Life has been busy and it seems there is very little time to just sit down and quilt, let alone write a post. Don't get me wrong, I have managed to squeeze in piecing of a quilt top for my new grandbaby...the top will be done for the shower next week, but I'll have until July to get it done for the new arrival.

Here's the good news though...remember my WTF? post back in March about how my local quilt shop wasn't making good on the five free yards after buying 50 yards because I was five days past the 30 day limit the owner had placed on the reimbursement of these cards? I made a point of speaking to the owner about the policy and stated my opinion that it wasn't reasonable...after all I've spent thousands of dollars in her business over the years, sent people there religiously, and managed to get SB #1 and SB #2 started quilting and they spend the majority of their quilting dollars with her too. Well since then I have done my quilt related shopping elseware and haven't stepped foot in the store. My shopping has taken me to Spokane, Seattle, Ephrata, and the internet. I've purchased fabric for three quilts in that that could have stayed in my local community rather than being spent elsewhere. I knew in time I'd have to break down and make purchases there but felt I needed to make a statement.

Well it looks like my boycotting protest (as well as others I know who had the same thing happen to them) has made a difference. SB #1 was in the shop the other day and the owner informed her they were revamping the 5 free yards program and those of us who "lost" our yardage were now going to be able to get our fabric. I'm glad she's seen the light. This is a small community and so often I see retail businesses who treat customers poorly. Their competition is Wmart and Home Depot and the only way to keep the customers coming through the door is to offer great customer service. Our local ACE Hardware is a great example...those guys may charge more than HD, but you can't walk in the store without someone coming to assist you whether it is a small or large item. A good quilt shop pulls people in from miles around and I've always considered myself lucky that I had one not five miles from my home. I guess I'll have to drop in next week.... :)

May has been extremely busy for me. One weekend my husband and I spent in Ephrata at a wedding. We took the long way and geocached our way to and from. I ended the weekend with 23 new caches to my count and got to see some interesting country and learn some history along the way. Another weekend was spent babysitting the grandson so Mommy and Daddy could get away for their anniversary. Papa and I enjoyed ourselves greatly! This long weekend is starting off on a sad note with the memorial service of one of my husband's oldest friends. Another friend flew in for the service and will be staying with us for the weekend. I have yard work to get done and housecleaning since next weekend I'm hosting the baby shower for my DIL. Whew...I'm glad thsi month is about over!

Thanks for stopping by...
SB #3


Margaret said...

I'm glad that your protest went well and was effective. I think that sometimes we forgot that we CAN make a difference. You must live in my area since I am familiar with most of the place names you mention!

Stitchin' Bitches said...

Thanks Margaret!